The best of Woerden

Welcome to Woerden, the only town where farmers still come to the market every Wednesday to sell their cheese. The first and only town in the country where a weekly Saturday market specialises in selling produce exclusively from the local area. A place where town and countryside are closely bound to each other, in the middle of the country’s green heart, set against reminders of a Roman past.

Unique activities

Woerden Buitenste Binnen (Woerden Inside Out) shows the best of Woerden and its surroundings on this website. It lists unique bicycle and walking routes, and suggests places where you can taste and buy delicious cheeses and other local produce. Woerden Buitenste Binnen provides information, organises events such as the Graskaasdagen (Spring cheese festival celebrating the cheese made from spring grass fed cows) and the Historische Kaasmarkt (Historical Cheese Market). Woerden Buitenste Binnen introduces you to an atmospheric and lively Woerden.

Wide collaboration

Woerden Buitenste Binnen is an initiative of the Agrarisch Centrum Woerden (Agricultural Centre  Woerden РACW), a union of organisations behind the local produce market and the cheese market. Woerden Buitenste Binnen collaborates on this project with Woerden retailers, its hospitality sector, the tourist office, producers of cheese and local produce, regional market vendors, the municipality of Woerden, suppliers of rural tourism and cheese dealers, agricultural associations in the surrounding area and many individual entrepreneurs.